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Photo in Paris will bring to you memories...

You are coming to France to visit Paris or for a special event like your wedding or a proposal. Let me take pictures of these short moments of happiness spent in France. On each picture you will feel Paris in the background. The service is simple, tailored made and friendly.

Popular places

Eiffel tower

A must go for every tourist coming to Paris. It will be an iconic background on your photos

Le pont des Arts

Located In the heart of Paris, the bridge with the lovelock. Why not putting yours among thousands of other lovers.


A village of artists on the top of Paris. Stairs, small streets and the Sacré Coeur church.

The Louvre and quartier latin

Can can spend a whole day in the Louvre, jumping back in time. On the other side of the river Seine, you can discover Saint Germain des Prés and the Quartier latin.